Thursday, October 30, 2008

Better today

Well I got home from work and decided I need to get some game under Abby. She was still heavy so I decided to take her to a field where I knew would be lots of easy slips on rats. I got home and weighed her and than hooded her as I did not want to get footed again. I changed out her jesses and put on the bells. This was a challenge because she kept trying to strike, so I was dodging talons plus trying to slid things through moving holes,lol. I did not get concerned with this as she has never liked me messing with her feet while hooded. We got out in the field and I walked into the field leaving her hooded. She was doing a lot of screaming which she does when she is ready to hunt. I got to the area where I knew the rats would be and unleashed her jesses. I than struck her hood and raised my arm above my head so I could duck if she decided to come at me. She looked around a while than flew to a close tree. She immediately remembered how the game works, I walked over to a piece of tin to flip it and she flew to the branch right above me. I raised the tin and she immediately hit a rat. This went on about a half hour and she ate three rats and I traded her off on two. So that is 5 rats total. Some would consider this on there head count, but I will not because of the fact they were easy kills. I hope my goal was accomplished as to let her get some aggression out and get free food.
10/30/08 1095 grams

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