Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh the frustration

Took Abby to Fort Worth this weekend to free fly for the first time this season. I knew she was heavy, but the way she has been acting on the creance I thought she was going to fly heavier this year. But an apprentice mistake, 200 grams is way to heavy and I guess I was just to impatient to get out and do some flying. We put her up in a tree in this field that had a group of trees in the middle surrounded by field that looked great for bunnies. When she got up in the trees she started moving around like she was squirrel hawking, but there were no squirrels. I think now looking back, she was just trying to avoid me. It was freaking hot and cover was think and we flushed no bunnies. So I decided to call her to the lure. Well guess what, she wasn't coming. I ended up putting a bunnie on the lure and took a while but finally got her down. Called it a weekend and went hunting with a couple of other falconers that had their birds ready. So back on the creance and a diet.
10/5/08 still no kill 1225 grams

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