Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still dropping

Well most of the week has been just feeding her small amounts about 30 grams of chicken. Still only losing about 10 grams a day. Sunday evening gave her a full crop of rabbit, 178 grams, hoping to kick the metabolism in, which she weighed 1110 grams before feeding her. Monday night I did not feed her and she was very aggressive and weighed 1175. Which means she burned off 113 grams Monday, so we may be headed in the right direction. The problem is, I took her out of her chamber and weighed her and than put her on a perch in her chamber. I took off my glove and held it in my hand while my back was to her looking for a casting on the ground. Than all of a sudden Abby hit my left elbow with both feet and dug in good. I had to take the glove and throw it across the chamber to get her to release. She hit the glove like it was the lure. I may need to take her out and see if we can get some game under her, whether she is at weight or not.

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