Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Creance Flight of season

Well the first creance flight of the year was what I would consider a success. Put the creance on her and unrolled about 25 feet. I unhooded her and walked back to the anchor (25') and put my glove up and she had instent response. Put her back on the perch walked about 40' and same thing. I walked again what i thought would be the full length of the creance and I was about 2' to far. She hit the end of the creance than flew to her left at the full length of the creance. She landed on the ground and gave me the go to hell look,lol. I put her back on the perch and she would not fly to me. So I hooded her and waited till she roused. Than I tried again, but had to move to within 15'. Than gradually increased and she started coming to me as I walked off. We had about 20 creance flights. She did not seem tired when I was done. She will not eat tonight, and I will try her again tomorrow.
10/1/08 1252 grams this morning.

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