Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Creance and Lure

Abby lacked response she had yesterday. She was about 20 grams heavier, but I also had lady staked out close to her. I was only able to go about 25'. She would not fly further. I only did this a few times so I did not raise her weight any more. I pulled out the lure while standing next to Lady. It took a few minutes but she finally came. I threw the lure down within reach of lady and told her leave it. Abby hit the lure but was really keeping an eye on Lady. Lady was acting like she wanted to play with Abby, but never got close enough to be footed. After Abby finished the lure hooded her and called it a day. Abby still is not ready for free flight. I will not feed her any more today, and nothing tomorrow.
1270 grams 10/2/08

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