Monday, November 3, 2008

Things ended up better, but I miss my Bird.

Well Saturday I went to a field hoping to see some bunnies. I put Abby up in a tree in the middle of an area with some thick mesquite and cactus. As I walked through the trees Abby surprised me and was following great. We worked the area pretty heavy but to no avail. After about 45 minutes and sweating my butt off I decided to call it a day. I was frustrated because she was doing so well I wanted her to get a bunny. I pulled out the lure and she hit it right away and traded off good and hooded easy. She was at 1090 grams.
Sunday I was taking her to Noels house to hold for 2 weeks to see if she will loose her aggression in her mews due to being territorial. He asked me if I wanted to hunt her on some squirrels or bunnies, and I said sure. We decided to go with the squirrels since Kylie had never seen successful squirrel hawking, and I knew Abby was better on squirrel than bunny. So we loaded up and Noel took us to this pretty thick area, but had lots of trails and high trees. We saw a lot of leaf balls up in the trees so I knew there were squirrels. Abby chased a squirrel after about 5 minutes in, but missed. A little bit later she saw another one and she took chase that ended up in some ones back yard. I took off after her and decided to jump the neighbors fence because I could not get in the yard she was in. I got over and pulled out the lure with a small reward on it and she came right away. I hooded her and handed her over the fence to Kylie. We walked off a ways and decided to see how she would react unhooded on Kylie's arm. Since we are trying to get her used to others I thought this was a good idea, but nervous about Abby freaking out and face grabbing Kylie. She struck the hood and Abby looked at her kind of like who the heck are you, but showed no aggresion. We figured Abby would freak and take off. Kylie ended up having to toss Abby up in a tree. We went on with a coulple of more chases, but typical squirrel hawking, lots of chasing. After a bit she went after another squirrel and chased it to about 3 or 4 differant trees and the squirrel went to a tree by Noel, so Noel started hitting the tree and I came up the other side and started doing the same. The squirrel made that fatal error and bailed out the tree and went running down a washout. Abby nailed it and I took chase. I got there and was very pleased to see that she had both feet on the head. I dispatched the squirrel and let Abby have one hind leg and the head. We thawent and hunted Kylie's bird Katana on some bunny. After that we took Abby to Noels and dropped her off.
11/3/08 1070 grams 1 Squirrel.

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