Monday, November 17, 2008

THA mini meet

Well Saturday was cold and very windy. I picked Abby up from Noels. He said her fly weight should be around 1050. I think that will be high. I put her up in a tree Saturday and tried on a bunnie field but she would not follow. I do not know if it was the crowd of people, the high winds, or she prefers squirrel hawking. So I called her to the lure and put her up for the day. Got a later start than I wanted to on Sunday, we met Noel around noon and went to the park where Abby got her last squirrel. She had a few chases but was not following that good. Both days she was right on 1050 grams. She did not connect with any squirrels but was activly chasing. As I said however, she would not follow. Called her to the lure with only 30 grams of food because I wanted to try her on bunnies on the way home. I stopped at Karma field and she was at 1080grams. Put her up in a tree and immediatly I got her 3 or 4 bunny slips and she just watched them run by. I moved to another part of the field and she followed. I put a bunny right under her and she went after it but it gave her the slip. I thought good now we can get some where. Boy was I wrong, she stopped following and started rat hunting. Even though I continued to give her slips. Called her to the lure and went home.
11/17/08 1080 grams

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