Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chase but no catch

Took Abby to Lucy Park this morning. I was there at 6:45 and it was 38 degrees, very light winds. This is the same park a couple of weeks ago had squirrels every where. I don't know if they were in their nest and not coming out or what. I was able to get 1 squirrel out of the nest and Abby gave it a good chase, but could not get it. A little while later she spotted another one and it out smarted her. Walked around for a while longer and could not find any more. So I got her to the fist and took her to another part of the park which is real thick. After a bit she saw another and gave it chase but it got into the undercover and took off. I spotted one a little while later and I could never get her to see it. After a long wait I was about to give up than she took a real long flight to a huge high tree next to the river. I ran over there and she was staring down a hole in the tree. Apparently the squirrel was jacking with her, because every now and than she would charge the hole. After a while I realized she was not getting the squirrel out of there so I called her to the lure which she hit right off. Hooded her than took the 20 minute walk back to the truck.
11/18/08 1030 grams

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