Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's just not fun any more.

Well I have not posted in a while because there just really not much to talk about. Abby has lost all interest in squirrel. I have taken her out a number of times an she just will not commit to the chase. It is almost like she is just playing with them. At first I thought maybe the rest from the squirrel bite took her out of shape. But I have flown her a lot and she seems to be physically in shape. Than I thought it was I was just not getting her enough squirrel slips. Well today there were squirrels every where. At one point there were three squirrels in the same tree with them. She acted the same, play with them. So I thought maybe it was a weight issue, but I have hunted her this last month, fat and under weight. And always hungry. So I will work on getting her to try to hunt rabbits again, and if that does not work, chasing rats. Than release her in probably late March or early April.

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