Thursday, December 11, 2008

Maybe she lost her touch.

Took her to our favorite squirrel area yesterday. Put her up in a tree and we had to walk around a while before we saw any squirrels. She followed great and rewarded her with a tidbit twice. She was flying from tree to tree as if looking for the squirrels, which I am sure is what she was doing. After a bit she stopped following and when I blew my whistle for her to come, she bolted in a different direction. So I ran to where she was and she was jumping from limb to limb in a tree. I looked around and saw the squirrel. We played battle of wits with this squirrel for a while, but it eventually disappeared. I found another squirrel and called Abby to the tree, with a lot of hesitation. Eventually she came over, but the squirrel escaped somewhere that I could not see. After a little longer and no more squirrels to see, I took Abby and put her in the box. I think she may still be a little heavy so I am going to drop her about 20 more grams.
12/10/08 1050 grams no kills

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