Friday, September 26, 2008

First post for Abby

I am anxious to get going on this season this year. I have started reducing Abby's weight a couple of days ago. She was at 1420 grams which is about 100 grams heavier than what I trapped her. I guess I over fed her during the molt this year. I weighed her last night and she is down to 1320, which was her trap weight. I have been feeding her on the glove and re-introducing the hood. She gave me problems with the hood the first day, and a little the next. These last two days she hoods easy. I built a chain link weathering yard and she has been staying out there in the evenings while I work on the mews. I am acquiring a Harris hawk this year (separate blog to come) so I am splitting my mews in half. She seems to have molted nicely, all her feathers have come in and she is a little lighter than previous, but not much. Her tail feathers are without frets and look good. I will be bringing her to work starting next week to start maning her to public again.
9/26/08 1320 grams 0 kills.

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